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IUPAC - bioavailabilty (BT06813)


in pharmacokinetics
Ratio of the systemic @ET06811@ from extravascular (ev) exposure to that following intravenous (iv) exposure as described by the equation: \[F=\frac{A_{\text{ev}}\ D_{\text{iv}}}{B_{\text{iv}}\ D_{\text{ev}}}\] where \(F\) is the bioavailabilty, \(A\) and \(B\) are areas under the (plasma) concentration-time curve following extravascular and intravenous administration, respectively, and \(D_{\text{ev}}\) and \(D_{\text{iv}}\) are the administered extravascular and intravenous doses.
PAC, 2004, 76, 1033. (Glossary of terms used in toxicokinetics (IUPAC Recommendations 2003)) on page 1041 [Terms] [Paper]